Saturday, August 29, 2009

Facebook or Twitter

Facebook along with MySpace have been the leaders in social networking portals. Facebook however is trying hard to bridge the gap between them and fame of twitter.

Recent developments in Facebook were paradigm shift to their original approach, they revamped their presentation and this time they concentrated more on status messages just like twitter but little more powerful. Twitter, however has been a micro-messaging tool which became popular cuz of its simplicity and yet being powerful. This internet evolution has become one of the most significant modern trends since it has affected the way in which we do business and communicate with peers.

In last week news Facebook has launched a twitter-app, where in Facebook user can automatically syndicate their posts to Twitter, read more here. When Facebook made an attempt to acquire Twitter, and failed there was a rumor in market that Facebook will take different route to go the Tweet Way. Let’s see how much they will succeed.

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